Certified quality for Colosio

Interview to Mr. Davide Colosio, owner and managing Director of Colosio S.r.l., a leading Italian producer of hot and cold chamber die casting machines and accessories.

Mr. Colosio, your company has obtained in the last weeks the certification of the quality management system by TÜV Süd. What does this mean for your company?

“The acknowledgement of a reputable institute like TÜV Süd that the working procedures of our company are fulfilling the requirement of an international standard organization is an important step in the history of our company. Certainly this means a lot for our team, who can see that all efforts that we put in maintaining a precise and organized behaviour are once more recognized and appreciated also outside the company.
I am sure that this certification will give more confidence to those potential customers who until today did not have the opportunity to test themselves directly our products and therefore the reliability of our offer, in terms of materials, after sales services and personal engagement. “
“Other companies have obtained this certification before you. Is it because it has been difficult for you to get it?”

“To get a certification is in a certain way similar to bring on the market a product innovation: for those who just look at the image and the marketing effect, it may be more important to show that you are the first to have it. But in our industry, and for the importance of the investment that a die casting machine has for the development strategies of our customers, it is a not neglectable rule to evaluate personally and in depth the company and products real performances. What actually matter is therefore how we work and how we have always taken care of what we deliver (being components or services). The fact that since many years we adopted defined and organized working systems has made it much easier to get the TÜV Süd certification.
Of course, the great difference that has turned the quality assurance system certification in a much more rewarding challenge, is that Colosio is one of the few remained European companies that is actually doing inside all phases of the construction of a machine: we are designing, producing, machining and assembling inside our premises and with our own personnel all parts of the machines. From machining of forged steel plates to the real time closed loop software system, everything is the result of internal project and production phases.”
“You sound very proud of this.”

“Of course we are. The TÜV Süd certification is very important and is for us extremely significant, because is involving areas of activities that for Colosio (and for the product that we offer) are core competencies, where for other producers are simply a buy-and-resell item.
This is why the Colosio quality assurance system certification is so meaningful: because it is really certifying a complete designing and producing system.”

Colosio srl - Die Casting Machines and Accessories2018-01-19
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