Colosio still investing and confirms itself vertically integrated

New boring machine in the company

Colosio has just completed the installation at its headquarters of a new boring machine purchased from the company Alesamonti.

The new boring machine, equipped with a robotic tool change system, will allow a further improvement in the quality of machining with high accuracy, as well as the optimization of processing and especially set-up times, due to the rapid exchange of the table and the reset tools systems.

With this investment, Colosio confirms its vocation of vertically integrated company, alone on the international scene, able to produce their own machines internally from beginning until the end not only by simply assembling the mechanical components but producing all the parts internally. A real contrast to the market trend that led many companies to focus exclusively on its core business by outsourcing all other activities.

Colosio reaffirms its belief in the complete realization of the machine without losing the know-how from external suppliers sometimes not up to the quality requirements.

This is the only way to ensure accuracy and reliability for the final product always improved and at the same time being able to adapt to Customer needs for customization and flexibility without depending on external companies.

Colosio srl - Die Casting Machines and Accessories2018-01-19
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