The Rotofast is a rotating automatic loader for die casting machines up to 320 ton.

With an empty speed of 400 shots/hour and it is perfectly working to cast brass and aluminium the Rotofastis the first step for the automation of diecasting machines, where it gives a constant and rapid rhythm, all for the advantage of productivity and quality of the pieces.

The movements of the loader are adjustable in speed, acceleration and deceleration.

In order to control the movements of the loader, the system uses a PLC and is equipped with keyboard and display for the introduction and the visualization of the process data and eventual alarm messages.

To favor the application of the Rotofast with every kind of furnace and to solve the encumbrance problems is possible to fit the loaders directly on the injection support of the die-casting machine. Thanks to this solution the working area is easier to access.

In case of application for brass diecasting the loader can be supplied with a cup cleaning cutter. The system is made up of a device mounted on a suitable support to be fixed to the DCM, contained in a protective frame. 

To get round the oxide formation inside the brass loading cups, following cycle is made:

  • metal drawing from furnace
  • movement towards sleeve
  • pouring into sleeve
  • backing to cup cleaning position
  • pneumatic cylinder intervention for cutter introduction into cup
  • pneumatic motor intervention for cutter rotation for cup cleaning
  • cup movement towards furnace and new cycle start 

A quick and economic solution to drastically increase the quality of the brass castings.


Download the chart in PDF version

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