PFO - cold chamber

PFO - cold chamber

Colosio's production of cold chamber diecasting machines - for diecasting of aluminium, brass and magnesium alloys - ranges from 140 to 3.200 tons clamping force.

Fully digital, Colosio's machines are equipped with data storage of dies (Coltrol System). The monitoring and storage of process data allows accurate repetition of all the injection parameters, pressure, speed and stroke for any possible die, always keeping under control the injection curves thanks to the graphical display of every single shot (Fullcoltrol).

Descendant of the well known V2 System, the new Futura double circuit injection system with floating piston accumulators works at the highest speeds, also enabling the operator to choose between a 1st phase with constant speed (under pump) and a 1st phase with progressive speed (under accumulator). Furthermore, the intensification phase is carried out with a separate circuit, fed by a separate, pre-chargeable accumulator, which always guarantees the necessary power to this crucial phase.

On demand the machines can be equipped with a REAL TIME injection system of speed and pressure. As shown in the picture above, the safety gates on our machines slide on two central external slideways. This means that there are no obstructions to impede the operation of die changing, while the whole assembly stays clean, fast and efficient. The machine is equipped with a central automatic lubrication system to all the moving parts, with times and frequencies adjustable from the control panel and display of failures through LEDs. The moving platen of the machine moves on trapezoidal slideways. The particular shape of these slideways means a better distribution of the moving mass, and helps the correct movement of both platen and die, also easily removing the dirt from the slideways themselves. The cleanliness of the foundry is kept through the positioning of the machine on a fluid collection tank. Finally a smoke hood allows connection of the machine to the central extraction system.

Upon request machines up to PFO 1600 can be available in GREEN LINE version.

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A wide range of accessories for fully equipped working cells.
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