Colosio diecasting machines are available with different levels of digital control and good customization opportunities, which allows us to manufacture the machine according to our customer's needs. The whole diecasting cell - equipped with metal ladle, die sprayer and casting extractor - is perfectly integrated and controlled by the same central computer system.

Coltrol is the system designed by Colosio for the adjustment and digital control of diecasting cells. The parameters of the whole cell are set through the control panel, without any direct intervention on the machines. From the same control panel the operator obtains all the information about working parameters, status of the whole diecasting cell; maintenance programs to be carried out and quality control on the castings.
Coltrol Injection is the first step in this direction and allows the adjustment of all the injection parameters. In addition to this, Coltrol Clamping module can be added, which makes digital all the other important operations for the clamping and the central ejection of the machine. The above configuration is called Coltrol Total and enables the digital control of the whole diecasting cells and that now is standard on evry Colosio die casting machine produced.

Adding the Full Coltrol system will further increase the digital system. This is a hardware/software package that includes the following crucial components: SPC module for the statistical control of the diecasting process; graphs of injection curves, reports on production rates; reports on castings quality; auto-diagnostic modules and several other utilities for diecasting. This complete package gives perfect control of both the diecasting cell and the quality of castings. The pages on video are extremely easy to use. The operator will enter all the process data, will store all die data and will recall them for future production runs. The machine control panel will display all the alarms that are occurring on the machine, will suggest how to solve problems and will keep a detailed report of all the down time of the cell.



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