Real time

The “REAL TIME” system for control of closed loop injection on our cold chamber die-casting machines is an implementation with high technological contents, made up of hardware components, both oil-pressure and electronic, with very high performances and of an advanced software for their management, but with a prompt and intuitive user interface.
This system makes use for oil-pressure part of three proportional servo valves with high dynamics with integrated control electronics, being used for delivery control, the first, and for speed modulation, braking control (speed loop), the second and for final pressure control acting on the multiplier (pressure loop), the third.
A set of pressure and position transducers are used to monitor instant pressures and positions in the cylinder and of injection piston and multiplier.
Finally, a careful fluid filtering on the system of injection unit earlier in the process and, specific, on pilot system of proportional servo valves, assures a steady precision of servo-controls responses and less maintenance interventions.


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