The Directo model is created to serve die-casting machines from 320 to 1600 ton.

There are 3 models with vertical stroke of 900 mm (Directo 90), 1200 mm (Directo 120) e 1500 mm (Directo 150). The all 3 versions are designed also with motorized horizontal axis, in order to facilitate the movements of the sprayer inside big dimensions dies.

The spraying head is equipped with 5 nozzles fixed platen + 5 nozzles movable platen for the model of 900 mm, with 7 nozzles movable platen + 7 nozzles fixed platen for the model of 1200 mm and with 9 nozzles movable platen + 9 nozzles fixed platen for the model of 1500 mm.

On demand it permits to use a spraying head divided into 3 working bands independently programmable with double solenoid valves (one for mixing and two for blow) for spraying of a first lubricant.

The easy programming of times, speeds and positions is guaranteed by a microprocessor Siemens and a control panel equipped with dies memory.


Download the chart in PDF version

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