Fast Spray Tool

Fast Spray Tool

In a market every day more competitive it is not the case to remind how much are progressively increased the needs to constantly research for new innovative solutions to adopt in the production process.

Every improvement is done to face positively the requests of quality, productivity, cost reduction and all the things keeping our working days full and without monotony! In the interests of user friendly solutions, the problem posed by Customers is to be able to setup the sprayer in the minimum possible time also with a mechanical distribution of the nozzles for quantity and direction, assuring repetitiveness of the process not only during the working cycle, but above all during the setup a frequently used tool.

The first replies of the lubrication technique were passing mandatory from a manual setup and a tiring regulation of the direction of the nozzles, often using copper pipes. This operation was left to the operator and was often uncomfortable depending on the size of the machine. The situation than has improved thanks to electronic programs to save the data and the mechanical adjustment of the direction of the nozzles was done with interchangeable lubrication heads, specific for every tool or family of tools. This was, and still is, a very expensive system, affordable in high quantity productions, but uneconomic for the great majority of the foundries casting for third parties or for themselves with medium productions and with the necessity of quick changes of the tools.

The solution created by Relbo integrates modular nozzles which can be used in a traditional way but also, by removing the external side, with specific masks called FST (FAST SPRAY TOOL). On these masks are placed, already regulated in length, shape and direction, the pipes for an optimal distribution of lubricant, eventual second product and separated air. Thanks to this tool it is very easy to program every single die; the video interface equipped with dies memory allows a very accurate regulation of times, speeds, positions, working areas in the die, with separation of fixed plate and movable plate, with specific programs for slugs, runners and figures lubrication.

By setting up the special regulations and terminals of the FST masks is possible to optimize the spraying of the lubricant on every single nozzle. Thanks to the FST is much more easier to manage the different tools present in a foundry, because every tool is stored in the warehouse together with its dedicated FST mask and needs only a few minutes to be placed again of the lubrication head ready to work with exactly the same settings used in the previous production with that tool.

This innovation has very affordable costs and a very high and quick economic return, thanks to the reduction of die changes time, reduction in lubrication time because of a specific setup for every tool, and consequent reduction of rejects. The FST system is standard on every new Relbo sprayer and can be equipped also on every Relbo sprayer sold in past years.

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