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The Colosio Group is today one of the few manufacturers able to produce the entire die casting cell internally, perfectly integrated and complete with all the automation accessories. The mechanical processing and assembly are carried out within the company thanks to 100 employees and more than 10,000 m² of covered area. Modern numerical control equipment (lathes, boring machines, etc.) and the three-dimensional quality control guarantee customers a very high product quality and fast responses to the continuous demands of the market.

About us

Customized supplies.

Colosio is a company with a solid history devoted to excellence. For two generations we have been manufacturers of die casting machines, ladles, sprayers and robots, present today in over 40 countries around the world.

Taylor made, Colosio machines are synonymous with flexibility and adapt perfectly to the needs of each customer.

Mechanical structure produced in house, hydraulic and electrical components of the best brands and supervision software designed and built by our engineers, make Colosio products unique in terms of quality and flexibility of use.

Green Line

The green revolution for die casting machines

The values of the manufacturing process

Cutting-edge performance


Teleservice for remote control of machines.


Wide network of collaborators to speed up intervention and maintenance times.


After sale service, spare parts warehouse and maintenance dedicated to customer satisfaction.


Internal production, care of each phase and quality control of the single pieces and components


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