Press production

From the die casting experts, a range of machines for flawless results

Colosio has been a leading manufacturer of presses and work islands for more than half a century. We take care of the production of die casting machines from design to manufacture, supporting customers with full teleservice support.

Our die-casting press models range from 50 to 4400 tonnes and are designed for the production of a wide range of light alloys, including aluminium, brass, magnesium and zamak.

Thanks to fully digital systems, the Colosio die-casting machine series guarantees real-time control of the die-casting cell and fast and efficient production.

Die casting machines

Our presses

Explore our range of cold chamber and hot chamber die casting machines and find the right solutions for your company's needs.

Colosio diecasting machines can be equipped with the Real Time injection system and are also available with the innovative Green Line system.

Die casting accessories

Our automatic ladles

Colosio is a specialist in the production of die casting plants complete with accessories.

To offer a complete work island, our range includes metal ladles for die casting machines between 200 and 2500 tonnes. Robust and fast, automatic ladles represent the first step towards the automation of die casting machines. Discover our ladles for die-casting machines.

Less energy, more efficiency

Green Line System

At Colosio, we aim to reduce the operating costs and environmental impact of our die-casting machinery as much as possible. That is why we have designed and implemented an innovative system that guarantees concrete energy savings.
On request, our zamak and magnesium die-casting machines are available with the innovative GREEN LINE system, a new energy and operating reference model for hot chamber presses.