Cold chamber


Cold chamber die casting machines from 1000 up to 4400 tons for aluminum and magnesium die casting.

Definitive expression of the utmost innovation and technological research

Each PFO Series die casting machine is designed and built to be fully digital and is completed by a memory to save dies parameters (Control System). The control of the data, their recording and saving allow to repeat the optimal pressure, speed and stroke parameters for each single die, displaying the injection curves for each casting (Fullcoltrol).

The double-circuit injection unit with floating piston accumulators operates at the highest speeds and is suitable for all die casting needs for magnesium, aluminum and brass. The injection allows to choose between a first phase at constant speed “under pump” or progressive “under accumulator”. The control of the multiplier takes place through an independent circuit – powered by its own pre-chargeable accumulator – which guarantees to carry out this phase with the force necessary for each injection profile.


Thanks to more than fifty years of experience in the sector, Colosio specializes in the production of die casting machines for light alloys. The Colosio range of cold chamber machines – specific for the die casting of aluminum and magnesium – ranges from 1000 up to 4400 tons of clamping force.

U.M.2P 10002P 1000L2P 14002P 17002P 20002P 22002P 26002P 30002P 36002P 4400
HA maxmm3310333540784148422846364706512952495411
HA minmm3050307536783748372841364206452946494711
AI maxmm169517201957.52027.52107.5221022802572.52692.52855
AI minmm143514601557.51627.51607.5171017801972.52092.52155
U.M.2P 10002P 1000L2P 14002P 17002P 20002P 22002P 26002P 30002P 36002P 4400
Locking forcekN981098101373416677196202158225506294303531643164
Max injection forcekN73873811201206159515951801229622962443
Ejection forcekN37237256360381481486594210681246
Min die heightmm5205206106657007508008659551010
Max die heightmm1000100011501250140015501600180020002150
Moving plate stroke in max. die positionmm95095010951190128513301425157017101855
Moving plate stroke in min. die positionmm1430143016351775198521302225250527552995
Ejection strokemm200200240240300300300350400450
External dimension fixed platemm1510 x 16101560 x 16601745 x 18601880 x 20052035 x 21702135 x 22752270 x 24202545 x 27102780 x 29602990 x 3185
External dimension moving platemm1570 x 15701620 x 16201815 x 18151955 x 19552115 x 21152220 x 22202360 x 23602645 x 26452885 x 28853110 x3110
Distance between tie-barsmm950100011001180128013501430162017701900
Tie-bars diametermm200200230250270280300330360390
Max shot weight (AL)kg13,213,221,324,235,642,442,450,962,873,3
Max projected area (400 kg/cm²cm²25002500350042505075550065007500900011000
Casting cycles (empty)N°/1’6643332,52,522
Machine weightkg39600406005990076900100400116200140000194700251300321400
Overall dimensions (width - length - height)mm3280 x 8455 x 33103330 x 8455 x 33353995 x 9920 x 40784135 x 10375 x 41484295 x 11340 x 42284400 x 11825 x 46364540 x 12130 x 47065025 x 13870 x 51295265 x 14665 x 52495490 x 16465 x 5411


The Green Line system

In addition to the high technical and production performance at Colosio, we aim to reduce the operating costs and environmental impact of our die-casting machinery as much as possible. This is why we have designed and implemented the system to ensure maximum energy savings.

The aluminum, brass and magnesium die casting machines are available with the innovative GREEN LINE system, a new reference model of energy saving system for cold chamber machines.


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