Automatic ladles


Automatic rotative ladle for die casting machines up to 560 tons

Rotofast automatic ladles, for aluminum and brass castings. Always precise and constant

To control the movements of the rotary ladles, the system is equipped with a PLC device and is complete with keyboard and display. These tools allow the entry of process data and their direct verification through self-diagnosis messages.

The application of the Rotofast has been optimized to adapt optimally to each type of furnace and leave the work area more free. The automatic ladle is mounted and applied directly to the injection support of the die casting machine, thus avoiding space problems.

If used for brass, the automatic ladle can be supplied with a cup cleaning cutter. The system consists of a device mounted on a special support to be fixed to the die casting machine, contained in a protective structure. The cutter is designed to eliminate the formation of oxide inside the brass cups. A quick and economical solution to significantly increase the quality of the castings.


In addition to its range of die casting cells, Colosio specializes in the production of automatic ladles for die casting machines. Among its products, the Rotofast is a metal ladle for die casting machines from 140 up to 560 tons and is perfectly usable for both aluminum and brass alloys.

With an empty speed in the order of 400 cycles / hour, the Rotofast ladle guarantees very fast work cycles with reduced weights. These aspects constitute a further step towards the automation of die casting machines, offering a process with a rapid and constant pace.
The speed, acceleration and deceleration of all movements can be adjusted on the ladles for aluminum and brass


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