Transal EVO

Automatic ladles

Transal EVO

Automatic metal ladle for die casting machines up to 2500 tons

Transal EVO automatic ladles:
minimum space, maximum control

To control the movements of the ladle, the system uses a PLC device and is equipped with a keyboard and display for the introduction and visualization of process data and self-diagnosis messages

To facilitate the application of the Transal EVO with any type of furnace and avoid space problems, the ladle is mounted directly to the injection support of the die casting machine. Thanks to this solution, the work area is more free and accessible.


In addition to its range of die casting cells, Colosio specializes in the production of automatic ladles for die casting machines. Among its products, the Transal EVO is a linear metal ladle for die casting machines up to 2500 tons.

With an empty speed in the order of 230 cycles/hour, the Transal is the first step towards the automation

of die casting machines, to which it gives a rapid and constant pace, to the benefit of productivity and quality of the castings. The movements of the ladle, obtained by means of brushless motors and frequency variators, are adjustable in speed, acceleration and deceleration. The TRANSAL EVO is able to move the two axes simultaneously, speeding up the transport of the alloy from the furnace to the shot sleeve for pouring.

The absence of mechanical limit switches makes the machine completely manageable and configurable from the HMI.

Cups CapacityKg1535
Batching tolerance%±1±1
Cycles (Free)n/h230230
Installed PowerkW66
StrokesA mm B mm2280 12003280 1600


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